The Treasure

Captain Hank’s Treasure…

Captain Hank is a prolific writer and his treasure of stories to be told is countless.  The books below are just a sampling of what you can expect when you pick up a Captain Hank book.  Get started today….

The book Exciting Story of Cuba



The Exciting Story of Cuba …… Stories as told by Captain Hank become exciting, as he weaves vignettes of historical events into them. This book brings to life the history of Cuba, as he clarifies why things happened the way they did, and who the people were behind the events. Follow in the footsteps of the heroes, beautiful movie stars and sinister villains, who influenced the course of a country that is much bigger than its size.




Suppressed I rise




Suppressed I Rise …… The life of Adeline Perry, edited by Hank Bracker. The true story of a courageous mother from South Africa caught in the horrors of World War II in Nazi Germany. It was written by Captain Hank based on Adeline Perry’s manuscript. Adeline also published the book “Come Read With Me.”





Seawater One



Seawater One …… Exciting Sea stories based primarily on the happenings during the early life of the author. It’s an exciting journey starting with the Great Depression in Hamburg, Germany, and Jersey City, New Jersey, and continues on through the war years to his graduation from Maine Maritime Academy in the mid 1950’s. It is very factual with no holds barred. This book will be available from Amazon in the Fall of 2015. Look for additional information regarding this book on this website and my Facebook page.