The Exciting Story of Cuba


The Exciting Story of Cuba…. as written by Captain Hank Bracker becomes exciting and alive as he weaves from vignette to vignette, cubans at workHavana piccreating a rich tapestry of Cuban history. Read about the people who were behind the events and follow in the footsteps of the heroes, beautiful movie stars and sinister villains, who influenced the course of history in a country that is much bigger than its size! This multiple award winning book is found in the libraries of most Maritime Academies, all the Military Academies, the U.S. Embassy in Havana  and the White House, is a must read as the relations between the United States and Cuba, only 80 miles apart, become closer,  Of the relatively few English language books on Cuban history, this is the one for your home library! It is a story that had to be told!