” Signal”

Part 2. A Cruise to Nowhere… from “The Exciting Story of Cuba”

During World War II, the SS San Pasqual was outfitted with machine guns and light cannons. Since the ship was hard aground, she was unable to chase Nazi submarines, but she was far enough off the coast to serve as a submarine lookout post. A footbridge was constructed out to her, providing access from the mainland, but time, tides and hurricanes have washed away all signs of the old bridge.

During the revolution “Che” Guevara and his army fought the decisive battle of Santa Clara, which was only an hour’s drive away, making the SS San Pasqual an ideal prison ship for his captives. After Castro’s victory, the ship was again used, this time as a sportsmen’s club and a platform for fishing competitions.

Finally, in the 1990’s the interior of the Pasqual was furnished with ten hotel rooms, a small reception area and a bar. It was someone’s idea, but not a good one, and she became a not-so-luxurious hotel, accessible only by boat. Her tanks still contain the original molasses, which by now must have turned into a well-aged rum. For a time, life was good aboard the Hotel Pasqual, and all were welcome, except for American tourists due to the political embargo. Unfortunately, the ship is no longer a hotel, but it is still there, abandoned but accessible. Who knows what lies in her future…? The only certainty is that being made of concrete she won’t rust away.

Phot Caption: Part 2 – SS San Pasqual’s stern (Visit Captain Hank Bracker Facebook.)

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