“Mama is on her way!”

After a long night and countless stops we finally arrived in Überlingen. By now the compartment was almost empty again and the cool air off the lake had replaced the body heat and overwhelming stench of the crowds. It was late afternoon and I was grateful that this awful journey was at long last behind me. After descending from the train, I struggled to get my belongings up the steep steps, where I found and commandeered a luggage cart. Now with my two heavy suitcases loaded onto the cart, I pulled it right down the main street to the nearest hotel. From there I telephoned the farm and fortunately it was Brigitte who answered.

“Mama, I’m so glad that you returned safely. Before you left I promised that I would lock our door at night. Today Herr Weber said that he would punish me if I locked it again and I don’t know what to do?” “Do as I told you, and lock it! I have just arrived in Überlingen and will take a short cut back to the farm by coming up through the forest. Tell that nasty man, that Mama is on her way!”


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