National Holidays in Cuba
Cuba has nine official National Public Holidays

January 1st – Liberation Day & New Year’s
Liberation Day is also called “Triunfo de la Revolucion.” This day celebrates the removal of dictator Batista from power and the start of Fidel Castro’s power.
January 2nd – Victory of the Armed Forces
A holiday commemorating its revolution’s history.

Good Friday
Good Friday became a national holiday following the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The first Good Friday recognized as a holiday was in 2014, according to Granma, the Official Body Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

May 1st – International Labour Day
Called “Dia de los Trabajadores,” Havana-Guide.com noted there are many celebrations this holiday, including “speeches on the ‘Plaza de la Revolucion’ celebrating the work force and the Communist party.”

July 25th till 27th – Commemmoration of the Assault to Moncada/National Rebellion Day
This three-day long holiday remembers the 1953 capture and exile of Fidel Castro, according to VisitarCuba. This happened near Santiago in the Moncada army barracks. This week is also celebrated with carnivals in Santiago as the saint day of St. James (Santiago).

October 19th – Independence Day, “Dia de la Independencia”
Independence Day celebrates the early independence of Cuba in 1868, when Carlos Manuel Cespedes freed his slaves and began the War of Independence against Spain, according to Travel Cuba.

December 25, 2017 – Christmas, “Natividad”
Christmas has only recently been re-established as a holiday due to Pope John Paul’s visit in 1998.

Additional days that are not National Holidays but are observed by many are: Epiphany; José Martí´s Birthday; Mother’s Day; Palm Sunday; Maundy Thursday ; Mother’s Day and Independence Day.

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