Seawater One

Seawater OneSeawater One

Seawater One…. Going To Sea!

Captain Hank 1955

Seawater One…. Here Captain Hank Bracker tells his own story! Starting with his birth, which happened at a very young age in Hamburg, Germany, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean and grew up in the shadow of New York City. Life during the depression years and World War II is the backdrop to his many introspective, yet inspiring personal stories. Coming of age in Jersey City and Hoboken, contributed to him becoming street smart yet compassionate. Ever curious and inquisitive he travelled west across the United States to Nevada and California, encountering strange and sometimes famous people. His first job at sea was as a ship’s steward, on what was literally a “Cattle Boat,” taking immigrant Dutch farmers to Canada along with all of their belongings and livestock. Never losing his sense of humor, he was always the “Class Clown!” but miraculously he went from being a nit-wit to the top of his class!  As a 6Midshipman at Maine Maritime Academy the young cadet first traveled to Cuba in the mid 1950’s. Captain Hank believes that stories should be told warts & all. For better or worse Seawater One…. Going to Sea, is very factual with no holds barred! He even wrote about his sexually explicit experiences without any inhibitions. If there are any children around you will have to keep Seawater One… under lock & key, but it’s a story that had to be told!