“From the Bridge”

Forensic Pathologist Confirms Theory that Two Gunmen Assassinated Kennedy

Cyril H. Wecht, the renowned forensic pathologist, a consultant in numerous high-profile cases, and who also holds a law degree, confirmed the theory that there were two gunmen involved in the assassination and that the second shooter was most likely behind the picket fence near the top of a prominent grassy knoll.

Even President Lyndon Johnson is said to have implicated the CIA in assassination attempts against Fidel Castro. Some attempts involving the Mafia are said to date back to the Eisenhower years. A 2009 CBS News poll stated that 76% of people believed that Kennedy’s death was orchestrated by the Cuban government in retaliation for the CIA’s efforts to kill Castro. President Johnson told his former speechwriter, Leo Janos of Time magazine, that he “never believed that Oswald acted alone.”

 Cyril H. Wecht.

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