“From the Bridge”

A Legend that Lives on in Bucksport, Maine

The original name of Bucksport’s first library was the “Buckstown Social Library,” however it since been changed to “Buck Memorial Library.” Naming the town and the library in the honor of Colonel Buck speaks volumes. The people of Bucksport, Maine must have revered him throughout the years and apparently the locals still view Colonel Buck with due respect and admiration. It is obvious that they do what they can to preserve his memory.

While visiting the town library in September of 2015, Geraldine Spooner, known to the locals affectionately as “Gerry,” printed out some research material for me. As she did, she reminded me that the story of Colonel Buck was really only a legend. As she turned, she lost her balance and fell to the floor. Hoping to catch her to prevent a more serious fall, I jumped to her rescue, only to scrape my own arm. We both became “Wounded Literary Warriors,” as she sat relatively unharmed on the floor of the library. Bleeding profusely from my minor scratch, I tried to help her up. When she finally managed to get back on her feet, she applied a bandage to my arm and remarked that, “The legend of Bucksport continues….”

All’s well that ends well, as apparently neither of us was seriously hurt, but now we both have a story to tell.

 The Bucksport Maine Library.

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