“From the Bridge”

This blog is Part Five of Six Parts. It is from “Seawater Two….” A book in progress!

Dakar to Liberia

Dakar with a population of over a million people is the capital and largest city of Senegal. Counting the surrounding area the population would go well over 2,000,000. This would be our last landing for fuel, before our arrival in Liberia. We took a long turn over the Atlantic and made a slow decent to the runway of the “Aéroport international de Dakar” just north of Dakar. The Portuguese founded Dakar in 1444, as a base for the export of slaves. Dakar came under French rule in 1872 and was the capital of the Mali Federation for a year after 1959. On August 20, 1960, it became the capital of Senegal. It is here that the sand dunes of the North African desert, gives way to the dense tropical rain forests of Equatorial Africa.

On a map of Africa, Liberia is on the western bulge, just 5 degrees north of the equator. This is where, during the blisteringly hot summer months it constantly rains, and just south of where the tropical depressions become the fierce hurricanes that threaten the Caribbean Islands and North America. The impenetrable jungle of Liberia is euphemistically called “The Bush.” This hell hot, humid, Garden of Eden, was to become my home for the next eighteen months.

 We arrive at Roberts Field, Liberia

Captain Hank Bracker is the award winning author of “The Exciting Story of Cuba.” He was a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, Master Mariner and the gold medal winning author of “Suppressed I Rise” Captain Hank Bracker has now completed “Seawater One,” a saga about life at sea and ashore, based on his experiences. Soon to be available from Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, BooksAMillion.com and many Independent Book Stores. “Seawater One” is adult in nature and contains sexually explicit slices of life.