“From the Bridge”

The SS Waterman from “Seawater One”

When I told my parents that I was going to sea, they didn’t ask any questions and seemed to take it all for granted. It was hard for me to believe that I had graduated from High School the week before and was now a crewmember on a Dutch ship. Everything had happened extremely fast. On the very same day that I was hired, without even having a passport, I was on this foreign flagship bound for Le Havre and Rotterdam. This was my first job aboard ship and now I found myself heading down the Hudson River, past the Statue of Liberty. There wasn’t much time for sightseeing since the dinner chimes had been rung and the few passengers we had were coming into the dining room. No one had explained my duties but I watched the other stewards and followed suit. I must have been a fast learner since amazingly enough all went well, and before I knew it the dining room was empty and it was cleanup time. I’m certain that having worked in my uncle’s restaurants helped but I’m glad I survived without any major mishaps. I knew that tomorrow would go even smoother, now that I understood the routine. For me, it was my first seagoing adventure! Being the youngest and newest crewmember on the ship earned me a bunk four tiers up against the bulkhead, next to the chain locker. You couldn’t get any farther forward, which made me feel that I would be the first to get to where the ship was going. I didn’t take into account that it would also be the first part of the ship that would slam into the sea or anything else that got in the way, but such was the life of a novice seaman.

Photo Caption: The SS Waterman (Visit Captain Hank Bracker Facebook for Pictures & Photos).

Captain Hank Bracker, Master Mariner and award winning author of “The Exciting Story of Cuba” and “Suppressed I Rise” has now written “Seawater One” a saga about life at sea and ashore, based on his experiences. Soon to be available from Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, BooksAMillion.com and many Independent Book Stores. “Seawater One” is adult in nature and contains sexually explicit slices of life.