“From the Bridge”

I’m Back!

Sorry that I’ve been gone but two out of my three computers have been singled out by foreign “Bots, Malware and Spyware.” In the past I have had the occasional malware attack make dire warnings to alarm me with their nonsensical warnings, that everything including my credit cards, bank accounts and “Lucky” my cat’s pharmaceutical prescriptions were at risk. I have usually been able to deal with these types of problems, however this time the attack was more complex and managed to circumvent both Norton and Webroot, necessitating me to seek professional help. Hopefully the safeguards I now have will fend off future attacks.

Last year the electronic version of “The Exciting Story of Cuba” was pirated giving the book additional exposure on the media. Although the culprits are known and hibernate in Nigeria, beyond the reach of the FBI and Interpol, they still publish my book with impunity on, online book clubs. Consequently I now wait for about six months before releasing the book in Kindle form. Of course, although they release my books for less, there is always the risk of giving these clubs your credit card number.

I will again resume publishing my blogs, which many of my readers and friends say they look forward to. Usually it’s a daily thing, however soon I’ll be going to Havana followed by a “FAPA” Florida Authors & Publishers President’s Annual Awards Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Disney World. I have heard that my book “Suppressed I Rise” has been selected to receive several awards. Last year “The Exciting Story of Cuba” received two awards in the Political/Current Events category. It’s all very exciting but it will cause some breaks in my blogs.

Again, I apologize for the few days that I haven’t been able to get a blog out but perhaps there will be smoother seas ahead. I can’t understand why there are creeps hacking the internet, but they are there for obvious reasons. With our Country so vulnerable to hacking there is no telling what may happen next and we should all prepare for additional hacking of the internet.

I’ll keep you, my readers; informed as to the exciting things I’ve been involved in, including the up-coming publishing of “Seawater One” most of which is about my life. Of course I tell the entire story including the naughty bits…. I know that it’s a book you will want to read!

Photo Caption: Captain Hank Bracker receives two silver medal awards for The Eciting Story of Cuba. (See Facebook for Pictures & Photos.)

Captain Hank Bracker, Historian, Master Mariner and Award Winning Writer, is the Author of “The Exciting Story of Cuba” and “Suppressed I Rise.” Both books are available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, BooksAMillion.com and many Independent Book Stores. He is presently working on his Seawater, series of books the first of which will be published and available soon. Stay tuned for additional information regarding the publishing date.