“From the Bridge”

 Departing New York from Seawater Three


Coming aboard the ship was like coming home. It didn’t take long for me to get changed into my khaki uniform and get up to the bridge. Although I was responsible for all of the various activities on the bridge, there was really very little for me to do and what little there was, was part of a well-rehearsed routine. I still had an hour before we would test the ship’s whistle, call the engine room for them to jack over the engines and then start singling up the lines. The real indication that we would depart was when the harbor pilot arrived, so I decided to go below to the pantry and make certain that there would be fresh coffee available. The first thing you always offer the harbor pilot is a hot cup of Joe. After feeling a gentle bump I looked out of the port hole and saw the black stack with a large white, block letter M on the tug’s stack that would assist us with our departure. It was almost “Show Time!”

 “SS African Enterprise”


Note: This blog is from Seawater Three…. It gives the reader an idea of how far in advance you have to be to get a book out…. The letter M on the tug’s stack shows that it belongs to the Moran Towing Company.


Captain Hank Bracker is the award winning author of “The Exciting Story of Cuba.” He was a Naval Officer, a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, Master Mariner and the gold medal winning author of “Suppressed I Rise” Captain Hank Bracker has now completed “Seawater One,” a saga about life at sea and ashore, based on his experiences. Soon to be available from Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, BooksAMillion.com and many Independent Book Stores. “Seawater One” is adult in nature and contains sexually explicit slices of his life.