“From the Bridge”


Breaking my Sister’s Dolls from “Seawater One – Going to Sea”

“Much of what I had was handed down to me from others. The fact that I was now the oldest child, since my sister had died, put me first in line for toys. Not that the toys and clothing I acquired were necessarily new, nor were they gender specific, but they were newer when I got them, than later, when they were passed farther down the line. It didn’t matter that my sister was a girl…. A coat was a coat, except for how it was buttoned. Looking at old photographs, I sometimes find it impossible to tell if I am looking at my sister or me. It’s only when I see my nautical blue coat, with miniature petty officer chevrons on it that I’m certain that I’m looking at myself. As a baby, I wore her gowns and sleepwear, and this continued until they were worn out, or I outgrew them. Of course I inherited most of her toys, including a plunger type metal top and her beautiful, porcelain dolls. I don’t believe that these dolls were ever for play. They were beautiful enough to have been collectors’ items, but in my hands, they were doomed.”

Photo Caption: Antique Porcelain doll.(For photo visit Captain Hank Bracker – Facebook)

Seawater One – Going to Sea, ISBN-13: 978-1482705751. This book tells the story of the son of an immigrant family that left Germany to find a new life in the United States. A straightforward, no holds barred, coming-of-age book where the reader will find many laughs as well as some tears. It’s a story many readers can identify with! Entered for 2018 Florida Authors & Publishers Association, FAPA awards, 474 pages, $21.95.

Salty & Saucy Maine – Sea Stories from Castine, ISBN-13: 978 1983781445. This book contains many stories which certainly bear repeating and which were found in Seawater One. Some text is explicit and adult in nature. It’s great reading with many laughs! Entered for 2018, FAPA awards. 241 pages, $14.99.