“From the Bridge”

Enemies of the State from “Suppressed I Rise”

“From the window, I had a clear view of the farmyard and the Mayor’s home, which had been converted into an improvised Gestapo Headquarters. Everywhere, I could see soldiers with their weapons at the ready. For such a small village, all of this activity was overwhelming. Peeking through the curtains from my darkened room, I was determined to see if I could find Pierre, or at least see what the commotion was all about. Ortsgruppenleiter Herr Erdmann, was now in his glory and I could see that he had set up a full-fledged, kangaroo court in his living room. Throughout the night people were dragged in for questioning. I heard screams as well as swearing from these poor people being tortured and forced to answer the questions put to them. Later that night things became even worse as his prisoners continued to be tortured unmercifully, and finally the remaining villagers he was detaining were just summarily convicted and carried off. It was difficult to conceive that we were now all considered Enemies of the State.”

Nazi People’s Court

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