FAPA Awards

“Salty & Saucy Maine – Sea Stories from Castine” and “Suppressed I Rise”

by Captain Hank Bracker are now available!

In August of 2017 “Suppressed I Rise” received three awards including the gold, from FAPA, the Florida Authors & Publishers Association!

Look me up on the web and check your catalogs!


“The Exciting Story of Cuba” won two silver medals from FAPA in 2016. In 2017 “Suppressed I Rise” received the Bronze, Silver & Gold awards from FAPA, and this year I will enter “Seawater One – Going to Sea” and “Salty & Saucy Maine.” In 2014 Capt. Hank was recognized by the Library System in Clearwater.  In June of 2016 he was the featured author for Hillsborough County, FL . He writes a daily blog featured on Facebook and his Web Site under Captain Hank Bracker. There are almost 400 entries & quotes in Goodreads as well as daily Twitter entries. More can be found online googling Captain Hank Bracker or Capt. Hank Bracker.