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The Treaty of Tordesillas from “The Exciting Story of Cuba”

After Columbus returned from his first voyage in 1492, the Pope deemed it advisable to divide the sectors of exploration and colonization between Spain and Portugal, which were the only two countries actively exploring the world at that time, and which conveniently were also Catholic. Between Columbus’ second and third voyages, Pope Alexander VI issued a Papal bull authorizing the Treaty of Tordesillas on June 7, 1494. The treaty gave everything located beyond 370 leagues or exceeding 1,110 nautical miles west of Cape Verde to Spain for exploration, and everything east of this meridian went to Portugal.

The traditional trade route leading to Asia was overland, traveling east from the countries of Europe. Marco Polo established this trade route in the 13th century, but it required ships to carry the heavy loads of silks and spices. Henry the Navigator charted the course from Portugal to the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa. Five years after Columbus discovered the West Indies, Vasco da Gama rounded the southern point of Africa and discovered a sea route to India.

Because the lines of demarcation that were specified in the Treaty of Tordesillas did not encircle the Earth, the treaty was basically worthless. Concerned about a developing conflict between Portugal and Spain over the Maluku Islands or the Moluccas, formerly known as the Spice Islands, another treaty called the Treaty of Zaragoza was drafted. King John III of Portugal and Emperor Charles V of Spain signed the treaty on April 22, 1529. This gave control of discovery of most of Asia to Portugal, and the islands of the Pacific Ocean to Spain.

Photo Caption: Pope Alexander VI (visit Captain Hank Bracker Facebook account).

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