“A Signal”

Photography – from “The Exciting Story of Cuba”

Just about this time, Julio Mella suddenly got married to his primary girlfriend, Olivia Zandiver. Perhaps the fact that she became pregnant by him influenced this decision and soon after the wedding, they had a daughter whom they named Natasha.

Marriage did not stop Julio from having other affairs. With his wife taking care of Natasha, he was still out seeing others. There was Sylvia Masvidal, Edith Margarita, Lucitta and lastly Tina Modotti. He had what the Cubans like to call machismo or, loosely translated, male chauvinistic virility. There was no doubt but that he was interested in the ladies, and they in him…

Beautiful Tina loved photography and frequently posed nude for the lens. Now that she was Jullio’s girlfriend, life for them was more than exciting…. For him it would prove to be deadly!

Many of Tina Modotti’s photos are in the following books:

Tina Modotti: Photographs by Caronia María and Vittorio Vidali includes a biography focusing on Modotti’s life. Included is a selection of her work.

Tina Modotti: A Fragile Life by Mildred Constantine features over 100 striking photographs and a meticulously researched text.

Tina Modotti (Aperture Masters of Photograpy) by Margaret Hooks is a multi-language 95-page book of photographs taken by Tina Modotti during the first half of the twentieth century.

Captain Hank Bracker, author of the multi-award winning book, “The Exciting Story of Cuba” has now written “Suppressed I Rise.” This book is for anyone interested in a very personal, human view of the history of World War II. A mother’s attempt to protect and raise her two young daughters in hostile NAZI Germany challenges her sensibilities and resourcefulness. Both books can be reviewed and are available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Nobel.com, BooksAMillion.com and other independent book vendors.

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