“A Signal”

Attempts on Castro’s Life

According to Castro’s former bodyguard, Fabián Escalante, and Ramiro Valdés, head of the Cuban G-2 secret service, there were a total of 638 attempts to kill the Cuban leader, including the attempt by Marita Lorenz when she concealed the poison capsules in a jar of cold cream, before bringing them into her hotel room. Another time a fungus-impregnated scuba outfit was prepared, expecting that Fidel would wear it. This was followed by an exploding cigar attempt. Still another time, the CIA supposedly impregnated some of Castro’s favorite cigars with botulin, but they never got to him. Cigars as a vehicle to kill Castro were abandoned, when he gave up smoking in 1985.

Lieutenant Colonel Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, Fidel Castro’s personal bodyguard for seventeen years, tells many interesting tales of Castro’s inner secrets and attempts on his life. He was imprisoned in 1994 when all he wanted to do was retire early. His story and escape to Miami is told in the book “The Double Life of Fidel Castro,” co-authored by Axel Gyldén. An Interesting read!

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