“A Report”

Crucified! from “Suppressed I Rise”

Imagine if you can how I felt when I arrived in Strasbourg. I could still vividly remember the cruel treatment I had received in this same railroad station just a couple of months earlier. I tried not to do anything that would attract attention to myself and strove to be inconspicuous. There were still crowds of people trying to get home, but things seemed different.

From the Rosheim train station, it was a long, tiring walk back to Bischoffsheim, and as I walked I noticed that people were scurrying by and I just sensed that something terrible had happened. As I rounded the corner and started down the main street, I could see a crowd clustered around the gate to the Ortsgruppenleiter’s farmyard. It all looked very familiar since I had lived in the apartment across the street but nothing prepared me for what I was about to see. Heavens, what a terrible sight! I almost screamed but somehow managed to keep quiet and stifled any sounds that I normally would have made. There on the barn door was Herr Erdmann, crucified! He was still alive and twitching as he hung from some large rusty nails that had been driven into his flesh.

Photo Caption in Facebook – Present day Bischoffsheim town center.

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