“A Report”

Überlingen as in “Suppressed I Rise”
The history of Überlingen dates back to beyond the Roman era and a number of Stone Age settlements were found that are believed to have been occupied by people originating in Austria. Primitive in nature they engaged in hunting, fishing and some agriculture.
In 1918, after World War I, Überlingen became part of the German Republic of Baden. As a resort town and retirement center, the inflation that followed affected the many pensioners living there. This continued until the Third Reich built a concentration camp in the outskirts of Überlingen as part of the Munich based Dachau concentration camp. The prisoners constructed underground facilities in nearby caves, to protect the manufacturing of military weapons. On February 22, 1945, Überlingen was exposed to its only bombing raid of the war, which is described in “Suppressed I Rise.” In this raid, known as “Operation Clarion,” seven American B-26, Martin Marauders, dropped 56, 500 pound bombs on the city’s rail yards. Two months later Moroccan Troops of the French Army arrived and collected arms, munitions and weapons, storing them in one of the old 15th century houses. On the night of May 2nd, due to the apparent carelessness of a Moroccan guard, an explosion and fire destroyed the old house. The book describes how the Chief of Police Jakob Graf, was severely wounded in this explosion. It has now become questionable as to whether the weapons were collected for the Gestapo or the invading French troops (see page 131).
Überlingen is now considered a leading tourist destination, especially for people interested in the baths and health cures. The village has numerous walking paths including the 69 mile long Jubiläumsweg, a historic nature trail through the Bodensee region. It is 145 miles from Munich, with an approximate 2 1/2 hour drive time.
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