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The Tavern of the Seas from “Suppressed I Rise”

It was a glorious experience to travel by rail for the children and the panoramic views of Africa through the big glass window in the back of the last car were beyond description. It was just as you would expect it to be as described in a vintage National Geographic magazine, with springbok and other wild animals abounding. The distance is approximately the same as from New York to Chicago and took an overnight. Adeline and Lucia talked late into the night as the children tried to hear what was being said. There was a lot of catching up to do, but it had been a long and exhausting day and the next thing they all knew, was that it was the following morning and the train was approaching Cape Town, affectionately known as the “Tavern of the Seas.”

When the train finally came to a halt, after being switched from one track to another through the extensive rail yards, the realization sank in that this was their new life. Kaapstad, Cape Town in Afrikaans, would be their new home and German, the language they had spoken until now, was history. A new family came to meet them and helped carry their luggage to waiting cars. All of these strange people speaking strange languages were uncles, aunts and nephews. An attractive elderly woman who spoke a language very similar to German, but definitely not the same, was the children’s new Ouma. However, to avoid confusion she was to be addressed as Granny. She lived in a Dutch gabled house called “Kismet” located in a beautiful suburb known as “Rosebank.” This would be their home until Adeline could find a place where they could settle in and start their new life.

Photo Caption: The Blue Train. Credit to Shine 2010 auf flickr.com


Captain Hank Bracker is the award winning author of “The Exciting Story of Cuba.” He was a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, Master Mariner and the gold medal winning author of “Suppressed I Rise” Captain Hank Bracker has now completed “Seawater One,” a saga about life at sea and ashore, based on his experiences. Soon to be available from Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, BooksAMillion.com and many Independent Book Stores. “Seawater One” is adult in nature and contains sexually explicit slices of his life.

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