“A Report”

Looting Überlingen

When I got to the main street I saw that the town was in turmoil. To my surprise I found people breaking into the shops, looting in broad daylight, and to my shame I joined in! Not having any money, I rationalized that this would be a way to get my gift for Mrs. Koestoll. First I found some nice embroidered pillowcases, which I filled with food and dry goods. I can still remember vaulting across a counter to get boots for Mr. Koestoll. I knotted the laces and hung them around my neck. As I continued to pillage the shop, other young women from the village joined in. We had a grand time taking whatever we wanted. I ran around with the boots swinging and hitting my breasts, however in the excitement I ignored them. With both pillowcases filled, until I could hardly carry them, I looked around to take stock of what was happening. It seemed as if the entire town had come downtown for a street party. Everyone was in a frenzy to find food and clothing for their families. These otherwise orderly German people were resorting to a mob mentality and were running amuck.

Photo Caption: Since the German people are not prone to rioting I had to borrow a photo of another incident that closely depicts what happened in Überlingen. The photo shown was not taken in Überlingen!

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