“A Report”

A Hanging from “Suppressed I Rise”

Staring into the dark mist, I continued on my way. I felt claustrophobic by the rock walls that surrounded me and could hardly see anything ahead because of the fog. Suddenly I walked right into a solid object hanging from a tree, directly in my path. It struck my forehead, with a force that almost knocked me off my feet. Instinctively I reached out and could feel that the object was a shoe; no it was a heavy boot. And then looking up, I realized that there was a man hanging from the tree. As my eyes adjusted to this gruesome sight, I could tell that it was one of the Russian soldiers that I had just recently met over breakfast and now here he was hanging from a noose.

Terrified, I broke into a run and nearly broke my neck tripping over exposed roots. I had no choice but to continue running until I reached the pavement. At this altitude the trees growing on both sides of the trail were covered with snow, making the path look like a long white tunnel extending into the mist. Still, it was not easy to distinguish the trail from the many obscuring shadows. I was so frightened from my experience, that for every step I took forward, I looked back twice. At last, feeling thoroughly chilled by my fear and the damp cold, I reached the road not far from the farm. So much had happened that I couldn’t believe that I had left just a few days ago. When at last I reached the gates, I shook them and shouted loudly. It was a great relief when, after what seemed the longest time, I saw a little figure emerge from the door and run towards me. I must say that everybody made quite a fuss over my return and they were all happy to see me, especially the children.

Sitting around the table in the kitchen, everyone was very interested in what had happened in Bischoffsheim, but the big news was what had occurred here. After some of the farmers went to verify what I had seen, the word of the hanging spread like wildfire. Soon the neighborhood was abuzz concerning the hanging of the Russian prisoner of war. I couldn’t get over the fact that he was the very same man I had met just recently, when the children and I had had breakfast at the neighboring farm. It seems that while I was in Bischoffsheim, he came over here and whilst the farmer was away, Clarissa and the Russian did play! This was noticed by some of the neighbors, who betrayed them.

Photo Caption: Russian Military Boots. (Visit Gaptain Hank Facebook!)

Captain Hank Bracker, who served with the U.S. Military Intelligence Corps, is the author of the multi-award winning book, “The Exciting Story of Cuba” has now written “Suppressed I Rise.” This book is for anyone interested in a very personal human view, of the history of World War II. A mother’s attempt to protect and raise her two young daughters in hostile NAZI Germany challenges her sensibilities and resourcefulness. Both books will be at the NYC Book Exhibit this summer between May 31st & June 2nd at the Jacob Javits Center, but are presently available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, BooksAMillion.com and many Independent Book Stores.